Why Deeksha Evolved?

...81% of US Engineering Graduates are immediately employable; whereas only 3.51% Indian Engineering Graduates were employed directly in 2011...
Employment Graph

The above mentioned fact and expenses graph clearly indicates that more the money spent on practical training & laboratories etc., by the concerned nation; creates more instant employment.

The Practical Training is must and most valuable in all fields of life, especially the education. It provides work experience, by sharpening and adding to the Skill you are learning in your schools and colleges. However, the schools and colleges have introduced laboratory sessions as a part of core curriculam; but as most of the laboratory equipment are expensive and complicated to fix, so several students do work with single Lab-equipment to experiment and learn. Therefore, not even a single student does get enough time and chance to explore the experiment in full.

More so, the curriculam at educational institutes is in the form of big bundles of books; whereas a little bit bit of it is being used for a specific industrial-trade, at which someone is going work for a longer period. This is the trade where one needs to practice to the level of perfection, which has not been fissible at the school/colleges.

On the other hand, under the influence of cost-cutting strategies and production-planning; the industries are also not in condition to train these candidates practically to get the correct work done. Today the interview-board, in general, is looking for three qualities in an interviewing candidate: Theoritical Knowledge, Practical Experience and Soft Skills. Although most the new graduates have good theoritical knowledge, but they do lack in practical experience and soft skills.

Your educational institutes do not provide the adequete practical training; therefore, Deeksha is there to support you to get this exposure.